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Establishing a blog is a vital part of the website creation process. Not only does a blog allow you to share your insight and expertise, but it also will help your site rank better. Google and other search engines will see that you are reguarly posting new content, and so long as the content is written and optimized well, your site’s reputation will grow.

Once you’ve completed this module, you can move on to the next module, Traffic.

Step 1: What Should You Blog About?

Step 2: Keyword Research For Blogging

Step 3: Understanding Blog Categories


STEP 1: What Should You Blog About?

In the videos below, Becky talks about how to use blog categories to leverage your specialties. She also discusses how to brianstorm ideas for potential blog topics.

Concept Video: Create Blog Categories Around Specialties

Concept Video: What You Should Blog About

STEP 2: Keyword Research For Blogging

Once you have decided on a blog topic that connects to one of your specialties, it is important to do keyword research so that you can optimize the information that you will be sharing.

Concept Video: Keyword Research For Blogging

How To: Keyword Research For Blogging

STEP 3: Understanding Blog Categories

In the three following videos, you’ll learn how to avoid duplicate content on your site, as well as how to create and implement blog categories in WordPress and Squarespace, respectively.

Concept Video: Avoid Duplicate Content

How To: Create Blog Categories in WordPress

How To: Create Blog Categories in Squarespace

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