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Thank you all for making this another great call!

Topics Discussed:

    • 1:57 – Susan Lenox- How do I go about spreading my blog content to other channels?
    • 21:00 – Discussion on Facebook algorithms and how to get engagement 
    • 25:43 – Diana Pash – Her website traffic and calls dropped off in September. Stopped the google ads. Suddenly this past Monday she got a bunch of calls and new clients. How does this happen??
    • 33:40 – Jennifer says these PPU videos are exactly what she has been looking for! Thank you! She has other locations three to be exact will that hurt as far as ranking if she lists all three?
    • 38:09 – Nancy Pearson – If she change website platforms will she lose ground with rankings and tracking etc.?
    • 44:08 – Discussion on what makes a website HIPPA compliant
    • 52:52 – Letisha Ellis – “I don’t know what I am doing wrong to get better rankings”. She is blogging etc. but not getting the calls she is looking for and also about two years in and its not consistent.
    • 55:16 – Debra Gordy – Wants to know about competitor research to see what their keywords are that they are ranking for. Becky and Debra talk about some resources.












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