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Thank you all for making this another great call!

Topics Discussed:

  • How to overcome scatter/overwhelm in optimizing your site
    • Do a Site Audit, which will give you steps to take
  • Choosing images for your site
    • You must talk to the problem
    • make sure your content taps into the pain
    • then ask what this experience looks like
  • Cross-advertising two different websites
    • Ask if you must keep them separate
    • Use a waiver if your services don’t cross over one to the other, if necessary, and put both services on one site
    • If the services have to be split due to legal issues, don’t cross-promote
  •  What changes are there to Google and Google Ads that need to be taken into consideration
    • Google changes algorithms often; if you site and pages are optimized correctly, there is no need to worry. Ignore any emails that request you spend money to keep up with the updates.
    • Google Ads have had no changes thus far; our Google Ads specialist keeps us with these
    • things and if it affects our clients we will let you know
  • Where can we get inspiration for blogging?
    • We have a segment in PPU
    • In PPU, the Blogging Module in the Roadmap: 
STEP 1: What Should You Blog About?
  • Doing Google Ads: What would account for a drop off in traffic?
    • Could be the content isn’t written right
    • Could just be market demand has changed
  • Discussion of having a page titled Individual Counseling
    • generally this will not convert to a lot of traffic; usually having more specific niche pages like anxiety, depression, ptsd, teen counseling will function better
    • during this discussion, Becky said an individual counseling page can focus on the other people involve with the specific specialties … teen counseling, couples counseling
  • Post-launch checklist; include these things (and we will work on getting something up in the resources section.
    • Blog monthly – fill out content hubs
    • Post blog post to social media; do FB ads if you want
    • 1st of every month, look at Google Analytics; look at traffic and traffic sources; look at acquisition and compare to the month before; then go nurture the areas where you’re getting traffic
    • Add the discovery areas from #3
    • Check traffic from bots; block bot traffic
Site audit:
  2. Sample of site where she works with two different populations:
  3. Checklist for post-launch tasks: 
in PPU, Go to Roadmap–>Module 7 Blogging–>
STEP 1: What Should You Blog About?
  4. For assessing your Google Ads performance, use
  5. Multilingual plugin:












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