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Thank you all for making this another great call!

Topics Discussed:

Becky did site reviews for the folks on the call who wanted her to:

Julia Nelson’s site:
* take mailing address off footer
* separate anxiety and depression
* in a smaller area you can possibly get away with combine marriage and
* couples counseling, but check the rankings, if not ranking separate them.

Discussed for checking rankings.

Khanh Perrin’s site:
* reviewed her specialty page structure; need to us the Blueprint
* lengthen Testosterone Replacement Therapy page and optimize to convert
* create sidebar and link blog posts to specialty pages

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel’s site:
* traffic is there, but calls not there for Chelsea NY
* Home page is ranking
* often home page ranks
* add more blog posts to go to the bottom in the sidebar

Marcella (did not reference site)
* How to handle two locations

Julia Nelson’s site (more questions):
* Free Reports – do one at a time
* then create auto responder
* opt ins can be low, but it gives you credibility
* Some times a quiz works better than a report