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Woohoo! We had 11 people on the call this week. It was an awesome session. Thank you all!


Topics Discussed:

  1. How often should one create blog posts; we recommend one blog post per specialty per month?
  2. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and knowing how it affects us; there is a post in our PPU FB group here.
  3. What is best way to reference a professional resource without taking readers taking readers off my therapy site?
  4. How to add videos on your site so visitors don’t leave your site.
  5. How to manage multiple languages on a WordPress site: there is a multilingual plugin and adding a UX (User Experience) button;
  6. Managing changing locations, and how to update Google My Business and my site.
  7. How to make sure blog posts/podcasts are visiible; creating blog post categories and linking to the sidebar.
  8. Discussion of Scott Oldford’s ROI program;
  9. How to manage using Facebook without it being so time-consuming.
  10. Discussion of font style and size; we recommend a San Serif and 16 pt, although the size also depends on the font.