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Topics Discussed:

  1. We will be announcing our STWP new pricing next week
  2. When changing locations (states), how long does it take to start ranking? And what are 301 redirects?
    1. It takes a while for the old url to drop out of the index. You can check (type into the url block in your browser) will show old pages that haven’t dropped out of the index.
    2. 301 redirects go to a new site from an old site (i.e. when people type in the old site url (or click a link) they will be redirected to the new site)
    3. Resources for choosing/changing your domain name:
      1. Finding a Domain Name for your Private Practice: Click Here.
      2. Starting A Private Practice – Naming Your Website: Click Here.
      3. Bust a Name: Click Here.
        1. Discussion of BrighterVision and TherapySites and Becky’s experience
          1. Discussion of how callers found Becky and how that might relate to them
          2. “Becky is the Queen of SEO” ~ Cathy Austin
            1. It’s so important to have good content because you’re in control of your own destiny. If directories change their rules it effects your business.
              1. Becky will be presenting at the CCA Conference, April 7 in Double Tree Hotel in Westminster: Click Here.
              2. Discussion on blogging on several niches? It’s really about creating specialty page/blog silo (hub and spoke). So you look like an authority in each specialty. Have 2-3 blog posts per specialty. Start with one and get several blog posts up, then move to the next. Discussed the Content Multiplier system. Don’t rely on inspiration, it’s unreliable. Beware of cross-linking between niches. This will dilute the impact of your site authority and confuse Google for ranking.
              3. Discussion about finding articles and linking to that article in a blog?
              4. It’s ok occasionally, but beware of taking folks off your site. But, write a nice long blog post; show up with heart; show knowledge and concern. Can link out to trusted sources, but don’t over use.
              5. If you have the silo dialed in, you’ll rank for a lot of things, not just one term/specialty. Depth matters. Long content matters.
              6. Discussion of launch sequence: site goes live, national/international – drive traffic to it …
              7. Brainstorm a bunch of topics of what you do; what you believe in; who you are
              8. Becky shared her Content Multiplier path and spoke to Debra Gordy’s scenario.
              9. Use quotes and post on website and Twitter. Need to blast expertise.
              10. Then outsource to an assistant to do the blasts, then you only need to do the FB live recordings.